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General Education Center
Goals of the General Education at Yuanpei
1.Life-oriented education on the basis of medical technology and professional ethics.
2.Whole person education on the basis of literature and arts.
3.Modern citizen education on the basis of information and management.
The Curriculum framework of the General Education is divided into the following three categories:
Core Courses of the Center General Education
In accordance with requirements of professional ethics, courses and lectures in diverse fields of medicine, technology and corporate ethics are arranged to enhance the ethical personality of students in living and at careers.
Basic Courses of the General Education
Introductory lectures in social sciences, natural science and arts & literatures are provided to enhance understanding in fields off profession and to cultivate ability of appreciation for a balanced whole person.
Applied Courses of the Center of General Education
Envolving from the introductory courses in fields of social science, natural science, arts and literature, diverse lectures in history, philosophy, music, psychology, bisexual relations, politics, economics, laws, mathematics, biology, public health & safety, ecology, environmental protection, creativity and creative thinking are arranged; in addition, serial forums on caring for lives are planned to nurture kindness and the love of beauty in personality.